Internship Procedure

Step 1:

The student prepares his/her CV.

Step 2:

The student consults with a TGGS lecturer to find an interest internship company. Note that the qualification of company according to the Guideline Procedure of TGGS must be satisfied.

Step 3:

The student requests an Internship Application Letter from the Department Office. The student sends an application for the internship to the company.

(See TG.71 - Internship Application Form. The application basically consists of TGGS Application Letter and CVs, more documents can be attached if needed.)

Step 4:

If the company accepts the student, the student and the lecturer discuss the scope and description of the internship project with the company’s supervisor. When the company and the student have met an agreement, the internship can be started. Before starting the internship, the student must request a Delivery Letter from TGGS to be submitted to the company.

(See TG.72 - Internship Delivery Letter. The signature of the TGGS advisor is considered as a confirmation that the company has offered the internship place. If the student needs a letter for applying VISA to do the internship aboard, please tick the option in the form and submit TG.94 - TGGS Request Form for Student Certification for Visa Application.)

Step 5:

The student performs the internship at the assigned company for a given period and follows the internship guideline. Along to the internship, the student prepares the weekly task report to be attached with the final report. During the internship, additional process, e.g. progress report, can be implemented depending on the TGGS lecturer.

Step 6:

The student must submit the internship report when returning back to TGGS within two months.

(See TG.73 -Internship Report Submission Form, TGGS issues an appreciation letter and sends it to the company.)


Internship in research center and university must be approved by TGGS Committee prior starting the industrial internship. Only the internship at RWTH-Aachen University is accepted without the approval from TGGS Committee. 


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