Internship Topics

Academic Year 2010:

Student Name

Internship Topic

Mr. Bong Kok Keong

Recommender System for Exhibitions

Ms. Bui Ngoc Linh

Implementation of Finite Difference Based Tangent-linear and Adjoint Versions of Heston's Model from the NAG Library

Mr. Rhio Sutoyo

Facts Extraction over the Wikipedia Collection

Ms. Sutasinee Methong

Analysis and Implementation of GUI Automated Testing for Mobile Applications (Android Application and Web Applications)

Academic Year 2009:

Student Name

Internship Topic

Mr. Do Dang Tuan

Risk Management in CMMI and Agile Model - Risk Tool

Mr. Duong Quoc Trong

Live Media Streaming from Clouds

Ms. Meiliana

Development of a Web-Based Management System for Metrics

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Ha

Sensitivity Analysis in FVCOM using Adjoint Algorithmic Differentiation