Master Program: Graduation Requirement

In order to earn a master degree, a student must successfully complete the following requirements.

A. Completion of Credits

The final GPA, which considers all compulsory/elective subjects, internship, and master thesis, is greater or equal to 3.0.

*** For students registered before 2010, the grade of master thesis is considered only by S (pass) and U (fail) and cannot be counted for the final GPA.


B. Internship Requirement

Students must submit TWO hard copies of the following documents,

1) The internship report + daily report

2) Internship registration

3) Internship certification


and ONE soft copy of the documents to SSE. Normally, this should be already submitted before register for Thesis.


C. Thesis Requirement

Students must submit following TWO hard copies of the following documents.

1) Final version of the master thesis book

2) Thesis registration

3) Thesis evaluation

4) Thesis certification

Additionally please submit ONE CD-ROM containing PDF files of all documents related to internship and master thesis.


D. Paper Requirement


Paper must be proven to be a part of your master thesis accomplished during your study at TGGS. It could help for verification if you could cite your master thesis as a reference in your paper.


Your affiliation on the first page of paper must represent:

The Sirindhorn International Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS)

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB)


Your paper is published in a national or international journal. We need the acceptance letter from the journal committee for your graduation. That means you can graduate before the paper is actually published.

Our central registration office suggests a publication in standard journals i.e. in the database of SCOPUS. At present, this is only a suggestion, not a strict condition. The registration office tends to be more careful and may not accept a journal which is really unknown and lacks of standardization. It is better to inform us first before you submit a paper.


Your paper is accepted for a national or international conference. You must also present your work in the conference. A poster presentation is acceptable for graduation. The evidence we need is the confirmation of your participation in the conference, i.e. receipt of conference fee, proceeding CD-ROM, your paper. It also means that you can officially graduate only after the end of conference.


According to the regulation of KMUTNB, a student can reimburse the conference fee. However, the paper must have a name of the student and a name of a Thai permanent lecturer as a supervisor at KMUTNB. You also need to submit a receipt of a conference fee minimal 5 days before attending the conference.


E. English Requirements


For graduation, you need to pass TOEFL: 525 (paper based), 196 (computer based), 69 (IBT) or IELTS 5.5 (on average) or CU-TEP: 525 (paper based), 69 (equivalent to TOEFL IBT).


For doing internship or master thesis at RWTH Aachen, you need to register as an exchange student. According to Aachen regulation, you need TOEFL 550 or approval from professors or supervisors in companies. The language evaluation form is provided by Dr. Heide Naderer at the international office.


DAAD scholarship students must pass TOEFL 550+ (79 for IBT) or IELTS 6.0+ before going to do internship or master thesis at RWTH Aachen as well as for graduation. CU-TEP is not acceptable in this case.


F. German Requirements

Before studying at RWTH Aachen, DAAD scholarship students need to pass two basic German courses offered by Goethe Institute.



Comparison of English Score