Master Theses

Academic Year 2011:

Student Name

Title of the Master Thesis

Ms. Patama Ramchune

Development of a Continuous Process to Increase the Software Quality of an Engine Control System


Academic Year 2010:

Student Name

Title of the Master Thesis

Ms. Bui Ngoc Linh

Applying Algorithmic Differentiation to a Linear Solver of the NAG Library

Ms. Natalia Chandra

Development of XAM Online Access and Document Generation

Mr. Rhio Sutoyo

Fact Extraction over the Wikipedia Collection


Academic Year 2009:

Student Name

Title of the Master Thesis

Mr. Do Dang Tuan

Mapping CMMI Risk Management to Scrum Practices

Mr. Duong Quoc Trong

Optimization and Evaluation of a Multimedia Streaming Service on a Hybrid Telco Cloud

Ms. Meiliana

Enhancing the MeDIC Meta-Models by EJB Conformant Variability Concepts

Mr. Muhsin Shodiq

Static Data Flow Analysis for Algorithmic Differentiation

Mr. Nath Prakobkosol

Testing Lifecycle Implementations of Mobile Applicafions

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Ha

Towards a Compiler Generated Adjoint Model of FVCOM

Mr. Ohm Samkoses

Evaluating Presentation Layer Development Framework for EJB Applications in J2EE Architecture

Mr. Shankar Karuppayah

Selective Forwarding Attack: Colluding Nodes Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks

Ms. Surapa Ratanaprutthakul

Integration of Model Checking into the Development Process of Engine Control System for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Mr. Thanabordee Thanarukvudhikorn

State of the Art BPM and Workflow Tools Survey